can virtual memory make a big difference?


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The default setting for VM is 768-1536.

What difference should be seen in computer performance if the max is set to the system's highest available VM setting and the initial is set to half that? Mine happens to be approx. 4096-2048.

Also, when I changed the setting, the old setting (768) tends to remain on the opening window when you click on the 'change' button. Why?

Because even when I disabled all startup items and all 'non' windows services in 'msconfig', my computer still tends to crawl while booting into windows and during the duration of it running.

I have noticed that ZoneAlarm seems to be a culprit, as it does take quite a while to load itself. But I have checked its mem usage and it is only a single digit number.

Suggestions anyone?

Many thanks in advance


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If you have enough Physical Memory(DDR RAM for example) try to keep as much information paged to that, apposed to using the pagefile. pagefile is alot slower than physical memory, and is basicly put, a file on your hdd that "pretends" to be memory.