Can This Work Or Will It Miss Up ??


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Hi , Ok Heres The Story. I Got My PSU In And When I Went To Put It In . The Fan On Top Of The PSU Is Touching The Top Of My Case. Which The Fan Isnt Getting Any Air . So I Turned The PSU Upside Down Well It Fits And The Fan Is On The Bottom Bow. Facing Down My Case . Every Thing Is Plugged In And All Will This Miss It Up Or Did i Do The Right Thing ??

Heres The PSU --


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You did the right thing. The fan is supposed to be on the bottom of the PSU, for the most part for ATX style cases, the processor is generally located under where that fan puts air out too. As long as it fits correctly in the back of the case, and you have that fan pointing down, inside the case, it's good to go. It won't mess up the PSU, that's how it's designed to be installed.


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well it's good to see that you used some logical sense in the matter and realized that the fan would be blocked if you kept it the original way! lol. But yeah the fan is actually meant to point down so now you have it in the correct position and definitely won't harm anything.