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So evidently a program I downloaded gave me a virus. I'm barely able to even be on the computer. Random .tmp files are running in the background that are bascially killing my OLD computer. I delete them, but then when I restart they reappear. Also winmgmt.exe is running which it usually doesn't. I've tried restoring to an earlier date but it won't let me. I have Avast Professional, but I don't have the time to run it fully. If their is a free effective program out there that will get rid of this virus, then please let me know.
Combofix and malwarebytes

you may need to run them in safemode if your having issues in normal mode
So now I can't start it at all, even in safe mode. I don't want to lose my data. I have a windows me boot disk but system restore won't work. Also scanreg will only let me go back to a0year ago. How would I go about doing an over the top install. Do I need to have win me backup cds. Scandisk says no errors so does surface scan but that's bs. Basically my most important question is can I do a repair from a startup disk. It says run scandisk then type setup, will that let me repair. Or do I have to go searching for backup cds. I tried min boot edit c slash windows system ini, but it wouldn't work. So how do I go about doing an over the top repair so I can keep my data. Please someone help me out I'm lost.
Well you need 2 things.

1. Ubuntu so you can get your data off your drive. It is a LiveCD so you dont need to install it and you can burn the data or transfer it to another device right from the desktop without every having to load it on your system.

2. An updated OS. ME has been out of production for many years and has not had any updates done to it in almost 5 years. Even if we help you get clean today, you can be infected again in an hour due to the fact that many flaws still exist that can not simply be patched due to Microsoft dropping support for that OS.

If you choose to continue to use Windows ME there isnt going to be anything that we can do to help. There is just too much that can go wrong with using an OS that hasnt had an update done in 5 years. With all the updates put out to fix issues with IE6, the kernel and everything else that have affected all versions of Windows, all we would do is put up a twig against a flood.
Thank you for responding. I appreciate your advice. Currently when I try to start normally or in safe mode I get, msgsrv32 has caused an error in kernel32.dll so I have to press close then it gives me the hour glass and just stays there, nothing else occurs. When I press crtl alt del I see only cmdnist is running. All I want to do is be able to retrieve my data.
I'm a noob, pardon my lack of knowledge. I'm on a phone and don't have a way to get ubuntu or ubcd. Is that my only hope? I certainly don't want to shell out 85 bucks at a repair shop.
Since you dont have access to download it you could try a couple of options.

1. go to a friends place with a case of beer and use their system for a while to get it
2. bribe your friend with some embarrassing info to force them to do it
3. Check sites like eBay or Amazon where you can purchase copies of Ubuntu for about $10
4. Trust someone from a site such as this with your personal info and ask us to send it to you.

But really your biggest hurtle is going to be getting something that you can use to access the drive. Since i am seeing that you are accessing the site via a phone and not an alternative machine there is little that we can suggest. We need to know what you can do to get access to another machine in order for us to be of any kind of help.
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