can I swap sdram for ddr?

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Quite abasic question--am running 256 ddr in a comp which running Xp simply needs more memory. Want to add or swap with sdram which we have in another machine. Is this possible or does it all have to be the same. What happens if I take all the memory out of one and swap it with another?
Thanks-and go easy on me--I'm not that techie(yet!) This is for my first helpdesk job ever!
Memory slots are not backwards compatible. its either ALL DDR SD in a DDR SD SLOT, or ALL SD in an SD slot.

In your case, if you want to add more memory to the computer with DDR memory, you must buy DDR memory, you cannot put in non-ddr memory.

And if you are going to do that, ensure you have atleast one vacant ddr memory slot left on your motherboard.
"And if you are going to do that, ensure you have atleast one vacant ddr memory slot left on your motherboard."

Why did you say that?
if youve got no more ddr slots and you want to add more ddr ram in, youre not going to sellotape it to the motherboard are you.
SDR = 168-pin DIMM
DDR = 184-pin DIMM

In other words, non-compatible... even the SDR and DDR memory modules are keyed in a different orientation from each other.

One of the reasons why them motherboards with SDR and DDR DIMM slots come in handy... although use of both cannot be simultaneous.
And I'm guessing that new RDRAM won't fit into either or am I wrong on that? Which is better and are there other Motherboard compatibility issues that I need to take into account when buying new DDR? Currently got 256 PC2100. Does this mean I can't get DDR 333 PC2700?
off the top of my head, no. .. rd ram cannot be put in ddr slots.

dont quote me on that though.

Anyways, i wouldnt go as far as saying RD ram is better than DDR, simply because it is less stable than DDR, and it costs alot more for little performance gain.

muradtalukdar, your motherboard must be able to support pc2700 ddr ram, if you want you can post your motherboard name and type and ill have a look for ya,

or if you want, you can goto and search for "(motherboard type) specs"

.. hope this helps.
Okay from oll of this....^^^^^. The answer is no. You cannot but sdr in ddr slots, they simply will not fit.
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