Can I play games that are on 3 cd's on my magic 3.1 ps2????

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Hey I am new and am wanting to download some games for my modded ps2. The problem is that the games are on 3 cd's and i do not know if i have to have the game on 1 cd in order to play it. Also, if one download is bigger than another for the same game, does that mean the biiger one has in-game movies and such?????

p.s. I use irc for my downloads
Hmmm.. very contro.. although I am sure we would all be interested... off record of course :)
just for information only. Yes you can play multiple cd games with the mgaic 3x chip the game will stop when it is time to change cd's or you will definately notice when to do so. Although I do
DIS-advise downloading of any games.
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