Can I have a push?

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A man was in bed with his wife, when he heard a knock at the front door. He then decided that because it was 2 in the morning he'd simply ignore it. A minute later there was another louder knocking at the door, and after several painful digs in the side from his wife he decides to get up.

He opens the window and says "What do you want?"

"I just want a push." the reply came.

The man replied with a simple "P**s off, its 2 AM!" and climbed into bed.

His wife then piped up "What did he want?"

"Just a push"

"You not going to help then?"

"Damn right I'm not, its 2 AM"

"Don't you remember when we were coming back from that party and the car broke down. You had to knock on a door and ask for a push, and YOU got help"

"Yeah yeah ok, point taken" at which he throws some clothes, goes downstairs, and opens the door.

Outside it's pitch black, and the bloke can't see a thing.

"Well where are you?" he loudly whispers

"I'm over hear by the swings"
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