can i cheat the proxy?

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is there any way i can bypass the proxy server and connect directly to internet.
my office has a proxy and some of the sites are filtered there.I want to have access to those sites.Can i do that?
in a short answer yes.
i've seen a lot of companies that don't setup proxies correctly and make them extemely easy to bypass just by selecting "automatic detection of proxy server" in your ie internet connection setup, on the client pc, rather than the "manual proxy server setup option". other companies however use differenet methods that make it a little more difficult. either way, yes, you can get by them.
At my school they have a proxy server but also a squid server. So what I did was simply manually entered in the IP of the squid server and port so that it skipped the proxy and went directly to squid and onto the internet.

You can bypass the proxy, but it depends mainly on how the network is setup.
Thank you guys.But In my case i do not know even the ip address.
My ie connection setting shows
use automatic configuration script
and in the address there is an address pointing to

Can you help me get into the net bypassing the proxy?please help.

what is ?
I will be looking at the address but can you explain me please what this thing is all about.

Thank you very much is a browser in browser page which bpyasses pro xy

Guy at my school owns it
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