Can anyone suggest a site to determine why computer shut down?


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This is probably not the right place but hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I took a computer in for repair and agreed to pay for back up if it was needed ie if the operating system had to be reinstalled. When I got the computer they billed me for backup and also billed me for a new power supply pack. The problem with the computer was that it suddenly shut down one evening and wouldnt not power back up. I was told when I inquired that the tech had received an error message that said that I had a corrumpted program and that XP needed to be reinstalled. I said so... you are telling me that the operating system became corrupted and shut the computer down at the same time that the power pack failed? He said yes. I think they got to me and that I did not need to pay for a backup or a reinstallation of XP. Any comments?

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The site I recommend is

Yeah, actually when your power supply fails and the computer shuts down suddenly it can corrupt windows and mess things up. No surprise there. I would say the tech was correct in having to reinstall XP. I would say that you are lucky that when you power supply failed it didn't take the rest of your computer with it, motherboard, processor....etc.