can anyone change vcd format

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Can anyone tell m how to change the format of a vcd.i have one in mp3 and need to change it to whatever it usually plays on your media player.

Cheers Dave.
You might want to rephrase that question?
VCD (Video-CD) is an audio-video standard, the audio portion of which uses MP2 (MPEG-1, layer-2 audio).
MP3 is an audio-only standard (MPEG-1, layer-3)

If by some accident an otherwise VCD-compliant file was encoded with layer-3 audio (MP3), Windows Media Player or similar would likely be able to play it (I've never seen such a file, so I can't say for certain).

Please rephrase your question stating exactly what kind of file you have, what you want to play it on, and what you've tried to play it on that doesn't work.
try downloading a divx player, install it then uninstall it. this will install some codex's to wmp and you should then be able to watch you vcd. i had the same problem and this solved it. get a player form
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