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Does anyone know if a DigiGR8 DV182 use MiniDV tapes? Or is it just like a digital camera and use a memory stick? Thanks for your help

~mr mixx~

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Not shure about that, i think google can help you out more on that question, we basically are computer related.

As for joining up w/us here, Welcome on board !!;)


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Google is your friend...

However since I was in the market for one of those I have this for you...

It packs the same punch as a full size video camera and with 3.1 Mega Pixel Software Resolution, and over 30 minutes of continuous recording time on a removable 32MB Flash card (not included), support up to 512MB SD/MMC Memory Card (more memory for longer recording period) !

*SD/MMC Memory Card is not included, you can buy any brand and any size of SD (secure digital) card for this DV182.