C++ Windows Forms Applications


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Hi, so far I have dabbled in c++ console application programming and c++ windows application programming. I was just wondering what is the MAIN difference between creating an application in a win32 project, or a windows forms application project.

Is it that by creating a windows forms application it does alot of the work for you (creating the window and so on...)?

Also, this way of working doesnt seem like 'real' programming as its simplified. Or is it? You tell me, do professionals use forms? Do you know of any books which teach you using only windows form?
What can be made with forms applications?


P.S. Im new to this :)


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Hi, yes, we use WinForms. Microsoft has been for a long time, kind and did a LOT of work for you. In the case of C++, it does SO code for you that it just becomes confusing. Unless you really want to learn C++ on Windows, or are forced to, I would go with C# or VB. I like both, but my main is C#. VB is sometimes just fun to write in.

I believe a win32 applicaiton is meant to use the Windows API, so you are making low-level applications for Windows. WinForms are win32 applicaitons but you only have to work with the higher end portion only.

WinForms are inherently much easier to write in, especially when using a higher level language like C# or VB.