C+ Java or SQL

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C+ Java or SQL

Hello I am beating my head against my monitor, the new semester is starting soon and I can not make up my mind as to weather I should take C+, Java or SQL. This would be my first programming class,and to boot my first online class. I currently am working on getting my A+ and Network+ at home. I have a desire to increase my background with knowlege that will benefit my chances at being more marketable to a larger degree of employers, and to make more money for my family. If anyone has any input I would fully appreciate it .
hi dsjmmm

First off SQL is a query language, not a programming language. It is used to query databases.
Secondly IMHO, if you have never programmed before I recommend looking into Visual Basic to start off. It is an easy language to learn and will give you a good understanding of programming fundementals. You can always learn Java later.
That's just my opinion.
Good Luck!
Yea, I'd go C, it's one of the most versitile languages around, If you want to even come close to programming games, VB would let you get up to about pong or something...:p

Good Luck:)
Yea, VB is a good starter language. C+ may be daunting without previous programming background.
Just got Visual Studio 6.0 installed, so I got VB, C++, FoxPro, InterDev. Damn i'm really ready to get my programming on. :D
Yea, gettin you some learnin on, eh shan?
I first started to learn C++. I loved it. Then I learned Java, eh. Java is more of an object-oriented progamming languange. One of the main ideas of Java is its idea of polymorphism, which can probably help you out the most. What I suggest is taking a class in C++ first, then ALSO taking a class in Java sometime in the near future.

Good luck!
C++ or Java. Either will be fine. While your starter language doesn't really matter, I would say avoid VB like the plauge. It teaches bad habbits and VB skills are hard to translate to other areas. You'll be stuck with VB, COM, etc... for awhile.
Amen on what C.Ingram said.
My personal favorite is C#, but that doesn't seem to be one of your choices. Like C.I said, it doesn't really matter what your first language is. Java is easier, if that matters to you.
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