C&C Generals

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Reviewed by fORM

Platform: PC
Game Type: RTS (real time strategy)
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Original Westwood Studios
Release Date: Q2 2003

Another sweet title from the boys & gals at EA.
If you've followed the series you'll admit this is the best addition yet. It's a huge improvement over it's predecessor Red Alert. The gameplay, graphics and functions have been upgraded beyond all belief. The civs are built tuff and each has it's own unique strengths and differences.

Rent it or buy it advisory :4stars:

Good things:
- many new units to command
- graphics and animations beefed up majorly
- nuclear weapon strikes
- smooth online and direct connect options
- middle eastern army
- suicide bombers/trucks, chemical weapons and snipers
- computer opponents
- awesome airstrikes, mines drops and air drops

Bad/rougher things:
- no navy or naval bases
- limited zoom
- laggy online when using firetanks (china)
- no airliner hijackings (GLA civ)

Overall a great online/single player game with high replay value. It's a title I hope to see on PS2 and Xbox.


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if you ask EA and you are still covered by warranty they will allow you to send the damaged disc back and they will give you a replacement. all that is required is a valid CD key. actually i am not sure if you even need a warranty.

if no warranty it seems to me it would be lagal to just make a cloneCD from another disc from someone else since you do own a legal cd-key dont you?


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hmm i should do that with my nfs underground cd 2... wont spin properly (warped?). anyways i found and image off kazaa, but images take space, and I'm getting low on that.


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I like CC Generals, and played it for a long time, but EA definitely killed the vibe that Command & Conqeur games offered.

The series has gone from a rough, tough, gritty, intense, scary atmosphere, to a cheesy, cartoon-like, PG-rated glee that totally kills the roleplay and intensity of the game.

The cowboy hummer driver just kills my ability to play general, and if that doesnt do it, the general voiceovers make me think I am watching Saturday morning cartoons.

As far as game mechanics and graphics go though, very good.


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I love that game, its awesome with graphics on full.

Download some of the mods, like WW II mod, and ive seen some cool stuff with modern mod (aka, high jack planes, and what nots)

I have one hella cool single player mod, medieval style, its totally awesome.

You can pick between 10 generals/nations.

I personally love playing Picts, and charging in with 100's of the weakest unit, and overrunning them, with good units behind.
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