Buying new LCD Computer monitor, need advice.


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I'm purchasing an LCD monitor for my computer (I want my desk space back for paper work), and I have a couple choices; 1 is I buy a Samsung SyncMaster 193p (it has a 1000:1 contrast ratio, not an 800:1) or the Sony 19 inch flat panel (not sure of the name) which would be a better screen? and better overall? the thing i really like about the samsung is that its wall-mountable, so if i were able to mount the sony to a wall, i'd get it in a heartbeat, but i'm also turned on by the 1000:1 contrast ratio on the samsung... so as you can see, i have a dilema going on here, i have the money for both, and i'm planning on buying this monitor tomorrow. so, any tips i can get tonight or early tomorrow would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

o, btw. i've seen both of them in person already.


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the syncmaster looks nicer. THey both have crap resolution. If you could find one with 1600X1200 res then I would go with that. Unfortunately it looks like they dont make those.

I would go with a 17" instead it will be cheaper and look nicer. With 1280x1024 res on a 19 inch things wont look as nice.