Buying new CPU + mobo vs. new videocard

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Lemme just get to the point here: :D

I have the opportunity to either get a new CPU + motherboard to replace my other machine, which is an ancient Celeron 700 with 512 MB PC133 SDRAM + GeForce2 Pro 64 MB videocard. (which, if gets chosen, will become an Intel 845PE/Intel iE7205-based motherboard+P4 2.4B to 2.8 w/ 512 MB DDR, no exceptions)

However, on the other hand, I can get either a Radeon 9500 Pro (or 9800 Pro) as well, but I must sacrifice the other. The current card I have in this system is a 64 MB first-generation Gainward GeForce3.

So I'm stuck in kind of a pickle here - make my current system the 'ultimate' one, or upgrade my old one to equalize the balance of power.
If I were you I would go with the CPU and Motherboard. I mean, I don't have a straight answer why. 700 is very slow and I think you can do with a 64 meg graphics card until you can afford a new one (or whatever the problem is with only getting one).
Whoa, I read your post again and didn't understand it as much, what are your two options again?
This is the exact same dilemma I'm having at the moment. I'm deciding between a P4 2.53ghz w/Asus P4C800 mobo and 1gb of PC2700, or a Radeon 9700 or 9800. I've pretty much decided on the mobo/cpu because it's a better long-term investment since I can drop in a nice 3.2ghz later on if I want to.
Randy said:
Whoa, I read your post again and didn't understand it as much, what are your two options again?


1) Buy a new processor+mobo+RAM to replace my 2nd rig. or
2) Focus on my Athlon XP 2000+ rig instead, and buy a Radeon 9800 Pro.

I'll probably wait for more responses on this... seeing as I still have a full month before making the purchase.
I don't have that dilemma. I am happy with my system. See, I think I work a little differently then you guys. I just thow the thing out and get the newest, best there is. Not the best way to minimize cost but its easy. :) I am kinda lazy. hehe.
It is a 64 MB GeForce3 in my current system, and if I choose to go with the videocard route, it will be replaced with either an R9500 Pro or 9800 Pro.
I absolutely adore my radeon 9500 pro right now so I'm going with option 2.

consider: radeon 9500 pro costs $170ish and runs on a comparable level of the geforce4 ti4800 in just about every way necessary.

so maybe a little bit of both options? Get a 9500 pro and a p3 1ghz/mobo for the 2nd rig to run linux? ^_^
Yeah, I would do what Seloce said. That would improve your performance more then just upgrading one part, cause it will leave something lagging behind, if you know what I mean,
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