Buying Customized Gaming PC, Need Help Choosing Specs/Wireless Networking


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I have an HP Photosmart 3310 All In One- It is currently hooked up with cables but it has wireless support. Where can I find out how to set it up wirelessly?

I am also buying a custom gaming PC. Can anybody reccomend me some good brands? I've been looking at CyberPower, VoodooPC, (but they're in Canada so shipping will be a lot...) Falcon-NorthWest, and WidowPC.

This PC will be used as a base or a bridge (depending on where we place it) for our WiFi network and will be used for World of Warcraft, Call of Duty 2, and word processing/slideshows/etcetera.

What kind of specs do I need to run these games? I am currently running 512 MB RAM and a 2.0 GHz Intel P4. I definitely need better than that as World of Warcraft is extremely laggy and choppy.

I DO NOT WANT TO BUILD. There is too much work involved with that like setting up OS, BIOS, etcetera.

How do I determine how much watts my computer will use so I can get the right PSU? I know there was a link on this website or computerforums that helps to determine it, but it was outdated and did not have the newer processors, graphics cards, etc.

Do I need power protection or not? For the CyberPower I have three options: a 1000VA/700W uninterrupt power supply $150, a 1400VA/980W uninterrupt power supply $190, or an AVR voltage stabilizer $20. All three are Opti-UPS, whatever that is.


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i dont thnk u need to buy a whole new pc just add more memory and mabey a better graphics card and ur set