Buying a CPU Cooler


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It's my first time getting a cpu cooler, as I've always stuck with stock but I feel its finally time to jump into OC'ing.

So I feel like the OCZ Vendetta 2 has really good reviews and it's quite cheap compared to others. So my question is, how do I measure my case/mobo to know if this cooler will fit?

Edit: Also, my case has a fan at the back pushing out, and no top fans. So is this CPU cooler right for the job?


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i have been wondering how to measure the clearance myself
one idea is to somehow put your mobo in the case, put a flat straight edge on the top of the CPU
and then measure from the flat edge to the side of the case

but if there is an easier way to do so im listening

i tried to contact my case manufacturer (Ultra) but they are clueless :(


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To determine the maximum height a CPU heat sink can be, I would measure from the surface of the CPU that the heat sink contacts to the side cover of the case. Then subract about a 1/4" for clearance.

I'm using a xigmatek dark night CPU heat sink for my Intel CPU and it just barely fits in a Cooler Master Elite 335 case. Here is a photograph with the cover off.



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I'd vouch for xigmatek :) amazing quality CPU cooler :) no complaints at all and I would recommend them to anyone

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If you have a standard ATX case then most (if not all) of the after market coolers will fit, some that have side intake fans may require removal of the fan. With my Antec Sonata for example you can't put the side panel back on with the fan in place.

I still believe the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme is one of the best options for air cooling


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I ordered a CPU fan when I ordered my computer. I wish I would have waited because the fan was too big and I have an ATX format. I did some measuring to determine a maximum size needed. Then I exchanged the fan I bought with a different one ... worked like a charm!!! :)

You really need the computer to make 100% sure your fan will fit.

Best of luck!