Busy CPUs w/no active processes


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I have a computer with 4 Gigs Ram, 6 hard drives in a Raid Config, with 2 PIII 1GHz CPUs. (Currently running Win XP, but trying to load small business server 2003.)

When I start it up it runs fine, but after about 5 minutes idling (or not idling, but idling makes it easiest to see) the cpus start running 40% and 60% busy, and the thing bogs down.

Interestingly, if I restart it without any delay, the same thing happens again: it runs fine for a bit, then the two processors go to 40% and 60% busy -- so heat does not seem to be the problem.

Any ideas why? MOBO? CPUs? Operating System?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.
4GB RAM sounds a little heafty for a PIII, even two of them. Maybe it is too much RAM for it to handle, it is pretty close to the boundary!

Is this a new problem or a continuing problem.

Yeah - you should check for spyware, or any kind of program on there that you don't know of.