Burning Warcraft III

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I just bought Warcraft III, and have decided it would be best to make a copy of my CD so I can play off that for a few reasons: scratches, and so I can hide my case in a safe place and not lose the CD key.

I've heard people mention programs such as Clone CD, Clone XXL, BlindWrite, and Alcohol 120%. I've tried burning/options with all of the above and can't seem to make a working copy that is recognized as the actual CD when I try to play.

Yes, I do know it has SecuROM 4.x, as I've tried to take proper measures in burning, but to no success. Does anyone have any ideas?

Also, I have tried loading the images up in Virtual CD/DVD-ROMs, and I get the same problem as well. I would assume that if the burnt CD will work, the CD image will work in a virtual drive--anyone have a differing oppinion here?
I burned warcraft III using "Roxio Easy CD creator 5", you have to pay for the program but it works great.
I would just burn it with clone cd, and then use a NO-CD crack from www.gamecopyworld.com instead. This helps gameplay also, in that the CD doesnt try to spin up while your playing, which can lag you out.
I'd go with Ecniv and use a No-CD crack. I had similar problems with Splinter Cell but the crack worked.
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