burning problems with liteon 48125s

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Posted: 22-12-2002 12:04 AM Post subject: burning problems with liteon 48125s


I used to have a Philips 8x writer which, although not burn-proof, proved very reliable after dowloading newer firmware. It was compatible with almost any discs I used (tried traxdata gold, kodak gold, cheap leda cds, datasafe, verbatim.....). These discs work in anyone's players.

Now I have a liteon, it burns "successfully" and the discs play in most players I have but not all - which is very worrying given that they're all supposed to be cdr compatible and are new. They won't play (can't seem to read toc??) on my new panasonic sl30 mp3/cd player which has no difficulty in reading anything produced on another writer.

The real puzzling factore is that I can write from the same source disc to the same (batch) media at the same speed and out of the writers owned by family/friends it is the liteon produced discs that don't work on my player. Therefore, I never have any peace of mind that my back-ups will work on the majority of players. I've tried kodak gold, verbatim datalife plus, datasafe silver premium, infinity, the liteon branded disc that came with it, fws and vivastar! I've tried 4,8 and 16x.

Am I missing the point somewhere? It writes data fine. Backed up my son's ps1 game - no probs.

Does it write the toc differently to that read by some players? Is the burn not good enough for some players? I'm confused....

I returned the liteon 40125s and have just received the 48125s as a replacement so it's a little early to say.
That sounds more like a software configuration issue than a Burner issue, what software are you burning with? Are you sure you dont have the software set to multisession? And are you closing the discs after burning?
nero 5.5.10 m8...
used dao for mp3 to audio cd.
if I do the drive/cd speed checks, dae is 10 and there are no errors recorded on my discs yet the cds I produce are less compatible (on same media same speed) than other older cdrw drives.
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