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ok, after countless hours on the phone with tech support, and lots of wasted money, I am deciding to turn to the wonderful Techy people on the internet.

So the problem is, whenever I go to burn a cd OR dvd, it always tells me "Please insert a writeable disk into drive E:/" (or D:/) Yes, there are blank disks in the drives. I know the drives work just fine because I went out and got an External CD/DVD Combo Writer and it also does the same.

I will start off by telling you the things that it could or could not be. I have gone into services.msc and checked to make sure IMAPI CD-Burning is enabled, which it is. Are there any other services that I should check? All of the firmware is up to date. I have reinstalled drivers many times. I have been doing some work with Virtual drives. I have heard that that can cause this problem, but I have uninstalled the programs that I was running the virtual drives with and the virtual drives dont show up under my computer anymore. So, I am not sure, but I dont think that is the problem. I have tryed both nero and windows media player, both say the same thing. I have tryed 5 differant brands of cds now. Non of them work. I have right clicked on the drives in my computer and made sure recording is enabled. I have no idea what else to try. I would hate to turn to the alrernative... re-formatting and reinstalling windows.

Hope someone can come up with a solution

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Which operating system are you running??

If it is XP you could try repairing the system files to see if the problem lies there by using the run command sfc /scannow

This is the system file checker, it will restore any corrupt system files, you will need your XP cd in the rom drive.

Make sure you type it exactly as above with the space between sfc and the / or it won't run.