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I recently burned some ISO file's to cd-rom hoping to play a game, but it says i need the origional cd, does anyone know
what patch i need to run the backups?- the no cd patch dosent work ??
i saw a thread like this on another forum. If you downloaded the iso of sim city 4 it won't work
BS, i have that game running from the ISO i got on e-mule. Works perfectly fine.
The iso works fine, it's the "no cd patch" that i'm having trouble with, the first patch i downloaded didnt work, now the second
one i downloaded works, but only after i ctrl+alt+del out of a couple of error messages, when i start it , the message has something to do with a Graphics Rules.sgr file in the sim city 4 directory, must be an bug that the ASM coder left out when making the modified .EXE patch.
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