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I just got my new BenQ 48x12x48 cd writer/rewriter. I thought I would test it out on the Sims which my friend had brought over. It did not work with Nero (probably because of the protection stuff) so I got the trial version of Clone CD. I started the burn with Clone cd but the problem was that it was taking forever for Clone cd to do that initial reading stage thing. I think it took 7 min just to get to 1% (and that was when i tried it on the max speed of 48). I do know you are supposed to burn slow to get a good burn so I even tried the lowest and still no results. Can someone plz tell me why this is not working??
You DO know you can't be doin' other stuff while you're burning if you want to ensure you have an optimum burning environment, right?...otherwise, Nero should burn the Sims just perfect..
I had the same problem burning the sims it took a few hours. once it gets to about 10% it speeds up.

You can wait it out like i did or even find a cd crack for it on the net.

I know you must do a simultanic burn before real burning for the first two times.
I had this problem, same but with nero. I'm not sure what I did, but it works now..
After doing simultanic burn, you can try either writing on fly. If you tried it so do the opposite..
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