Burning cdrs

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I use nero burning rom 5.5.

when ever i begin to burn a cd my system slows down incredibly. Any one know why?

i have a 1.4 amd proccessor with 512mb ddr ram
i run adobe illustrator, dreamweaver and photoshop all that same time and it doesnt slow my computer down this much
i use nero 5.5. like microbell, i don't do anything much when i burn. I don't have other applications running either. much efficient that way.
Same as the other two.

I use Nero and let it do what it has to do for 5 minutes or however long and then comeback.
My computer is slow and old yet it can burn cdrs anyway. Just wait and close other open programs that you are using.
When burning CD's you shouldn't use any other programs anyways.

Better to let it burn and complete, then start using other programs.
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