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Don Fudleone

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Hey guys,

i am faced with a dilemma:eek: . i have numerous ISO images that i want burned to CD:rolleyes: . the catch is that i cannot give up Adaptec and switch to Nero:mad: . can anybody recommend an iso burning program? any help would be greatly appreciated.


Don Fudleone:beard:
Umm... why can't you just use Adeptec? What version are you using? I have v6 and there is an option to burn ISOs. And if I remember correctly there was a similar option in v5.5
its too much hassle switching in between nero and adaptec even if choosing what i want to use at boot. i recieve errors all the time and have numerous coasters lying around wit adaptec - version 5 platinum.

thx to all who replied but i have found CDRWIN that should satisfy my needs for the time being.

Don Fudleone
Well, IMHO, if you are making as many costers as you say with Adaptec, why don't you just get rid of it and get Nero, or what ever program you prefer to use?

I know that if I have some crappy software, I change.

Silly me... :p
funny - but its not that easy - besides - everyone else around me uses adaptec so CDRW compatability is of an issue. mind you - i have not yet experimented :)

thx anyways - CDRWIN is doing great for another 29 days....it would be illegal to use a crack or a second hand serial number wouldn't it? ;-)

use Alcohol 120% for that matter.. it is a Virtual CD program (will open iSOs like you have insert them into a CD -good if you have lots of HDD space) and it will also burn any kind of img you would like.. I find it better then CDRWing, but you'll have to learn using it...
cheers m8 :B
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