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This Digimax USB Web Camera captures still images and video on a PC then sends it via e-mail, or go for a face to face chat!
Plug it in.....click.....send.....all in a manner of minutes!
Its innovative design makes it easy to connect to your portable PC and communicate while on-the-go with video messaging, video clips, and digital photos.
The Digimax camera is easy to install with easy to understand instructions.
No need to mount this lightweight, compact camera, just plug it in your USB port and bend the flexible cable to your desired position!
USB 1.1 PC camera
Compact design
Flexible USB cable
19.5-inches overall length
Produce and store video
Hold live video conferences
Camera Specifications:
300k Pixels (software enhanced)
100k Pixel CMOS image sensor
640 x 480 (VGA through software only)
352 x 288 (CIF)
320 x 240 (QVGA)
24-bit JPEG/BMP file format
F2.8 Aperture
2.4mm Fixed lens
30cm ~ infinity focus
Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
200 MHz CPU or above
32MB RAM or above
125MB free Hard drive space
Available USB port
Model No: DIGIGR8

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Get optical precision and performance with this Hewlett Packard Optical Mouse.
This Optical Mouse is ideal for use in either hand, and its comfortable design glides smoothly across a variety of surfaces!
This three-button mouse features optical movement detection technology, which eliminates the need to clean the inside of your mouse.
It's designed for ambidextrous use, plus its scroll wheel makes scanning and scrolling easy while also acting as a third button.
The Hewlett Packard Optical Mouse has a comfortable, contoured shape and uses a PS/2 mouse port connection.
The Hewlett Packard optical mouse is plug-and-play compatible under Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP or above.
Includes a 1 Year Warranty

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This portable 9-in-1 card reader lets you transfer music, pictures, and other data to and from your favorite flash media devices.
With digital cameras, MP3 players, and PDAs being so popular, it makes sense to look into a device that can clear desktop clutter when transfering data from those devices.
If you own multiple devices that use different kinds of memory media, a multi-card reader can provide a convenient way of transfering data to your PC.
Sure, most of these devices already allow that, but it's more convenient having just one memory device on your desktop rather than four or five devices causing clutter.
You will be able to transfer data from a wide variety of flash media, to your
hard drive, with this external USB 9-in-1 Flash Card Reader!
The USB 9-in-1 external card reader/writer provides an ideal solution for those who want the convenience and ability to read and write to six of the most common memory cards.
Includes: Card Reader/Writer, user's manual, USB cable and installation CD
USB 1.1 Compliant
Plug and Play
Hot swappable
Data transfer rate twelve (12) Mbits/Sec at 'full speed'
Powered by USB BUS
Power LED
Media LEDs
Cards Supported:
CF Rom
MS Pro
MS Duo

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The iOne Gemini-M1 Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and Optical Mouse is simplicity at its best.
Now its easy for anyone to enjoy a great cordless keyboard and mouse.
The Cordless Desktop is affordable, simple to set up, and provides an ideal combination of features that make everyday tasks smoother and more fun.
16 Multimedia "Hot" buttons that include E-mail, networking and audio/video media.
Ergonomically designed keyboard allows for long periods of operation effectively minimizing fatigue and increasing your productivity.
With a simple installation of the configuration program the roller button along with 2 side buttons on the optical mouse become "Hot" buttons for your favorite functions.
The wireless optical mouse is operational up to 4 feet with high-resolution optical hardware that improves accuracy and records motion across almost any surface.
Features includes:
Wireless Multimedia Keyboard
Wireless Optical Mouse
Wireless Receiver
Configuration Software
5 'AA' batteries
User Guide
For use with IBM or Compatible system with WIN 98SE, WIN 2000, WIN ME, WIN XP

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Samsung's TS-H552 is a high-quality double-layer drive that supports all popular DVD recordable/rewritable formats -- ideal for video editing and recording as well as archiving data.
Also features silent pulse width modulation which helps reduce high-speed reading and recording noise and Speed Adjustment Technology that automatically sets the recording speed based on what the blank media will allow.
Reads recordable DVD media at 8x and DVD-ROM at 16x, records on CD-R media at 40x and on CD-RW media at 32x
Tilt Actuator Compensation tilts the disc for the best possible writing integrity
Double Optimum Power Control helps to precisely control laser power at the inner and outer edges of the disc
Edit and enhance photos and videos with ease
Create slide-shows and albums on CD and DVD
Copy 9GB DVD movies onto standard or Double Layer DVDs
Copy or create music CDs, edit tracks, download and stream music from Napster and other downloadable sources
Find and organise photos, videos and music with Media Manager
Password-protect private data and back-up large files to multiple discs
Use Motion Pictures to enhance photos with pan and zoom effects
Produce professional DVDs with menus and Dolby Digital sound

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