Bulletins that you didnt post? MySpace

bulletins that you didn't post?
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are you finding bulletins in your list that you didn't post? maybe comments sent to your friends that you didn't post?

you can stop this by changing your password! a spammer has access to your account. they're using it to market their junk to your friends via YOUR bulletins and YOUR comments. fight back by changing your password!!

now how did they get your password? it's called phishing. somewhere on myspace you clicked on a link, profile, page - something, and you saw the myspace login page. but wait - it wasn't really the myspace login page. it was a FAKE LOGIN PAGE. that fake page was created by a spammer who is waiting for you to enter your email and password. once you've done that, he's stores your info. then he runs scripts to send bulletin spam and comment spam on myspace.

so don't fall for the trap - check the address bar at the top of the page and make sure you never login unless you're on "myspace.com". to be totally safe, type 'myspace.com' everytime you see the login page. if you type in myspace.com, you'll know you're on the right login page.

p.s. if you see a friend posting junk on their bulletins, send them a link to my blog so they know what's up !

look at these screen shots for examples. in these two cases, the spammer used a myspace profile (so the link still says myspace), but its not the login.myspace page - its a profile page with code in it made to look like a login page.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

you may be looking at these and thinking how can i ever tell the differnece btween the real login.myspace.com page and one of these fakes? its a subtle difference! answer: NEVER login on this page. if you are logged out of myspace, just type www.myspace.com yourself, and then you'll know the login page is real!!


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people make fake myspace pages like the login, host them on servers, and make bulletins like, cehck out this kids profile and you click the link, it redirects you to a fake myspace page someone created to be an exact replica, takes your info you try to login, and it sends it to someone, they login as you, and post bulletins


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People dont do it all manually, Theres a program that does it, takes peoples accounts and turns them into those fake login pages, its called MyspaceChanger, You can buy it for a hundred bucks, screennameforums.com is where alot of people do it, its illegal and myspace needs to do something about them


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You have to respect the people who do these things. Although it's wrong, it's still damn clever.


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hands up, guilty... I fell for this...
but I figured out that I needed to change the password for myself anyway...