Built, now what?


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ok so when i get my new computer all put together, ( just need memory then Im good to go) how do i get it all going? how do I install windows and stuff? also which version of windows would you all recommend? I have heard windows ME runs alot faster.. and I dont particularly like XP anyways.....

thanks in advance....


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Umm people say ME is the worst thing ever made. AND it caused something you dont see everyday.

Microsoft and Bill Gates actually apologized for making that OS. My suggestion would be to distance yourself as far as ME as possible.

XP is a good OS despite what anyone says. Its also faster than ME. And you wont have hackers hacking you all day.


Me is a good OS. It generaly depends what you need it for, if you want to be an ass and say i have xp and its the best then get it. If you have ME lying around then install it, but realy we will like to here the specs of your build before we can judge your operating system.
XP is the best; if you don't like the look you can have it looking like Classic Windows; which is basically the same style as 2000 - which is basically the same of Me.

It is faster; more new programs will work better; more drivers; more things like Windows Media Player Versions which don't work on Me. MSN Explorer 7 is on there too.

Its good; get it; its worth the money.


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ok here are my specs....

asus a7v333 Motherboard
athlon xp 3000
40 gb hdd
some Geforce Vid card ( an older 64 mb one)
512 mb RAM pc2700
52x32x52x cdr/rw

And thansk for the help guys, i think I will go w/ xp unless I see reasons not to...

thanks again! you guys really help fast!
Ish; but Windows XP went through far more technological bits and has many more driver abilities. On the outside its practically the same though on most tools people will use.

XP will let many more programs work though.