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Hi!! So with covid and the continuous lockdown I'm pretty sure a lot of us are facing a lot of problems in terms of finding jobs or even getting hours at your job. I am one of those people, and at this point it kinda feels like I need to take a risk and create new income sources.

So I have an idea for a software, which I believe that could really be beneficial for a certain niche industry. What my vision is, is a system/ software that will match individuals from one group and match them to corresponding members of the other group, with the decisions being made based on predetermined variables (‘yes’ or ‘no’ choices). Thus the end goal is that the system will go through the database and find the optimal match. Kinda like what the uber and skip the dishes algorithms do, but probably 50 times simpler, since my ranking factors are much more simplistic.

Now the problem that I have is that I'm a business student, and while I could go into a conversation with someone about such things, in reality I could never build it. Additionally, I may have the vision of what I want to do but I don't really know what kind of a person i need to find to help me build this (whether I need a database guy who’s good with SQL or whether algorithm design is a complete different process, or what expertise should the ideal candidate designing such a ‘query engine’ have?) Additionally I don't really know what platforms to develop it on either.

Thus Im reaching out in the hope that someone might help me clear out some of the answer

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So what your saying plainly is that your looking for a software developer to write and create you a custom software? I do know of someone who has a business doing that type of work in my area but it is not going to be free. Maybe someone else will chime in on this thread to get you a better deal....
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