Building New Comp


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So here are my specs so far.

NZXT Mid ATX Tower Case -
2x 7800 GT -
1x Western Digital 150 GB Raptor Hard Drive -
1x AMD Athlon X2 4200 Dual Core Processor -
1x 560 Wat Thermaltake Power Supply -
1x (2x) Corsair 1GB Ram = 2GB -

Now here is what I want to know.
I've got a few choices for my motherboard -
DFI Lanparty SLI-DR -
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe -
And finally,
Abit AN8 SLI ATX -

I was wondering which of those motherboards is the best. Also if anything else you think is bad/could be better in my setup just let me know.
Also, some of these motherboards chipset are extremely loud, I was wondering if I should just buy an aftermarket one when I get this.

And uh... one more question, did 7900 GT's just come out or something? All the sudden all the company's aren't selling 7800's they sell 7900's in their computers... Am I just slow? And what are the advantages in a 7900, are they better? Because they definitly cost the same.

Thanks :).


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Oh also, would you guys maybe reccomend me just waiting the 1-2 months for the new AM2 socket or whatever it is and just get that with the new processor that will come out with it and a different gfx card such as the X2000?