Building new but old gaming computer.


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Hi I gave my old gaming computer to my dad about three years ago witch was built in 2006. Since I have moved out on my own a didnt have much time to play games on it. But a week ago the mother board went in it. So I thought what the hell I will build I new one. So any ways the recent new parts I have purchasad are Kingston hyper x 4gb ddr400 ram, two bfg 7800gtx, amd athlon fx60 cpu and 500 gb hard drive. I want to run a sli setup. I have a 550 power supply from the old computer will that run two 7800gtx in sli? Also witch is the best motherboard I could buy for the parts that I have for gaming? And I also have windows xp,Vista and 7. Witch one would run this system the best? Thanks


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Well I was going to say xp however I noticed that you have 4gb ram and the 64bit windows xp is supposedly crap and doesn't support much. You will only be able to play directx 9 games anyway but I would say go with windows 7 on that setup unless 32bit xp can see all 4 gb but I'm not sure it will. Hope this helps.

I'm not sure about the motherboard though


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XP will work the best on that rig.

I had a 775 Xeon, and you could tell the diff when running 7 & XP 32Bit.