Building Me a Gamming Comp, Advice?

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If I were to build it now, it would be a P4 1.7ghz 5 pci 4 ddr, 512 mb DDR ram @ 300mhz, GeForce 4 Ti 4200 64mb(got 2nd place), Standard Sound card, CD Writable/readable 24x12x40, Aluminum Case w/ power supply @ 500w, But i wont be building it until another 6 months, and as technology improves, Prices should drop, so depending on the situation then things should change. Anyways right now that would be just under 600 dollars with shipping for all parts and cables. Monitor and etc. external devices i already have. Anyways, any advice?
Have you considered which chipset you wanted for you mobo?

I personally stick with either the SiS 645 or VIA P4X266a.

A 1.7ghz P4 should last out another 6 months, but I may be considering for AMD's Hammer family until that time.
I really cant predict the prices then, But most likely i'll be getting a P4 beyond 2 ghz when the time comes, and I havnt heard of the SiS 645 or VIA P4X266a?
They're relatively stable and yet, startingly cheap, away from the Intel chipsets.

With a 500w PSU, I definitely suggest going AMD, since it's much more than enough... plus saving some cash in the process. If you plan on doing any DC, P4's are no good for that, unfortunately.

Check out ABIT, ASUS, EpoX and Gigabyte for some decisions on motherboards.
Ok, what would YOU suggest for a mother board, that is under 190 and is quite good and will do me a good for 2 years :-D
The ASUS P4S533 is ~$100-120 (according to Pricewatch) and has support for CPU's up to 2.4 GHz (with future BIOS updates allowing higher).

If you plan on going P4, the Northwood cores are the ones to look for.

And please edit your posts rather than double posting. :)
I recommend going with an AMD XP or T-Bird. I have an Iwill XP333 mobo and have been very impressed with it. Pricewatch currently has it listed for $72 (without raid) and processors run from $59 to $211
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