building first pc (mederate knowledge)

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building first pc (moderate knowledge)

hey guys, im gonna be bulding my first pc soon. now i havent really searched around much but i think ive found a good case and mobo. right now i just wanna make sure i have a good mobo and processor, then i want to worry about the other parts. so heres a few links to Computer-Show, a site ive found my case and mobo at.



right now all i want i a good site to get a processor at (AMD) then i gotta figure out which one i want. thanx in advance guys.

Hi MR,

I'm currently building my first PC myself. I did a lot of research on each component I have decided to buy before I actually bought it, cos it's a good idea to not get any unwanted surprizes later. Also read lots and lots of reviews. How did you find your motherboard? If you just found it on the web and selected to buy it without any reason, then atleast try searching the web for a few reviews. It's important to know a litte about the board performance etc... Of course, if the computer you are building is just an practice dummy and you don't actually plan to use it... just buy the parts and put them together. For the processor, I suggest the Athlon XP 1800Mhz verson. Check if the mobo supports it first though.

Good luck,
Athlon XP 1.8ghz version = 2200+ model, though with the latest BIOS update, most current motherboards will be able to support that and any other future/present AMD Athlon XP/MP processor based on the new 0.13 micron Thoroughbred core.

If you can spend the extra money, you may want to opt for a full tower case with a 300w min. power supply, as AMD's tend to generate quite a considerable amount of heat, and more space in the case usually provides better airflow.
so you're saying if i get an AMD, i should go for a bigger case? ok, thats not much of a problem, but i dont really wanna spend more than $50-70 on just a case. by the way, anybody know some good reliable sites i can order from?
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