Building a workhorse, would you change anything

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Eww...Intel. No, jk, the computer is just fine seeing it is not meant for gaming, even though I still think you should go AMD Dual Core.


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what kind of resolution are you trying to get with the projector? what's the make of it if you know? reason I ask is, I work with panasonic projectors at work. Well... some of our machines have PCie 6600 that handle the job very nicely but the screen is relatively small (6x8 ft) so it can handle it... if you go bigger than that then you might want to look at the 7600/7800 or ATI x1600/1800


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OK Theres a lot of changes you should take, hard to think where to start at but i'll give it a shot:

Case, I say this to anyone, the case you chose is pretty ok for airflow, but this a SECC Made chassis - its heavy and doesn't transfer heat as good as aluminum made cases, and its not a very big one but that depends on you're needs.

My suggestion: For startes, minimum an aluminum made case, and if you can affored, a full tower one ---- you will not be sorry later on.


Moving on, PSU -- I do not know Rosewill very well, maybe you'd be better off more with an Antec TruePower 2 or some Enermax?


Mobo&Processor - they are OK, but in a weeks time you could buy better processor [x10 times better (Or more)] for same price, same about the mobo, because the conroes are coming out pretty soon.... and even if you don't want to get one of those, you should get one of the x2's or opterons of AMD, they'll perform better than a pentium D in pretty much all terms [Although im an intel fan myself I have to admit that the current AMD chips are better than their equivlant priced AMD chips]


Ram, its fine but I suggest something with at least 4-4-4-8 latencies and not 4-4-4-12, something like this:


HDD - For the storage, you took a lower performence one than the storage ones? o_O where's the logic in that? You're suppose to do the opposite and take a higher performence one for the programs and lower performence one with more capacity for the storage... lol thats how this works XD you just took a cheaper version of the same model for programs.....

My suggestion: get either this one for programs [a little better than what you chose]:

or one of these raptors if you can affored:


About video cards, if you really want a good video card for mass video/photo editing and not for gaming but high quality video output for two monitors at once, one of these cards from this series will do the job fantasticly:

Hope this helps, everything I Wrote above is as far as a suggestion.

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