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I am building a PC for video editing, I already have the opperating system and the monitor so I don't need those things. But I don't and havn't selected all the accessories I may need, such as wires or thermal paste etc. I have no knoledge of those. Here are the components I picked out. If I forgot anything please tell me. Also, I need the Optical Drive to be able to read and write both CDs and DVDs. If some of the parts wont work together, or theres a better option for a part please tell me.

Case -

Power Supply -

Motherboard -

Processor -

Memory -

Hard Drive -

Optical Drive -

Video Card -

Sound Card -
First of all, get a bit of a higher quality case than that. That case probably has horrible quality and cooling. Second, are you sure you want Intel? AMD's Athlon 64's dominate Intel's Pentium 4 in most areas. That PSU should run this setup fine, but if you plan on upgrading in the future, I would get a better one, or else you won't have much room for upgrading without replacing the PSU too. For the hard drive, get this instead:

It has double the cache for just a few bucks more (after rebate), and Western Digital > Samsung imo. That optical drive is great, it's the same one I have but white. Get the eVGA 7600GS. eVGA is one of the best video card manufacturers and it's cheaper.

If you're sure you want Intel, that setup looks fine. Everything's compatible.
Well the computer is for video editing, and from what I heard Intel was a better choice for that. Though if not please tell me.

I'll probabally use it until it's completly useless and require a whole new one, not planning on a lot of upgrading.

Also that video card is a lot slower, 400/800 vs 520/900. You sure that its best to go vith the evga one?

Sorry to question you so much but that hard drive is about 25% more expensive for just the cache increase. Does the cache increase help video editing a lot?

And what about the accessories? What do I need for those?
No, it's like $7 more. It has a $10 rebate on it that brings it down to $79.99. So yeah, you'll pay more initially, but get money back through the rebate. The reason the clock speed is higher on the Leadtek is that it's overclocked. You can do that yourself very easily with a program like RivaTuner and save yourself some money. As for the CPU, I am not sure which is better for video editing. I will look at some benchmarks for that. But I do know that AMD performs greater in most other areas at least. Video editing is all you're going to be doing on this PC?

Edit: Well, I guess it is better for video editing. But if you plan on doing any gaming, I'd definetly go for an AMD. With a 7600GS, it would be a capable system.
Well video editing and some photo editing, no gaming or anything that AMD is known for being dramatically better at.

I'll go with that hard drive and video card then. Also I picked this case, though I won't use the power supply that comes with it. And I'll try to find a new optical drive in black.

Case -

What do you think of that one, and I'll update the first post. Thanks :)
That same optical drive comes in black. Just check under NEC. I guess that case is a little bit better. I guess I'm just a person that likes a nice quality case with good cooling, heh.
Thanks, also, what about wires and thermal paste or anything else I may need for building a computer? I do have a screw driver but no screws, I was hoping they'd come with the components but if they don't I'd have to buy those too. How much of what do I need to buy?
You shouldn't need any extra wires. I'd get Arctic Silver 5 for the thermal compound.
this processor is a lot better, and only $13 more. i HIGHLY recommend you get this processor instead.

edit: you should also get different ram.. 2gb's will do you a lot better.. for pretty much the same price! take your pick out of these.. all seem to be good to me.
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