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I'm planning on Building a Custom PC for my self..
I want to know a good motherboard, for either Intel or AMD Which ever you recommend for me..
I Do alot of office things.. And i also Play alot of games.. And i think it's time to get a new system and off of this 333MHz.
I do more surfing the web and IM' then anything else.. I run IIS so i can do my development locally.
any recommendidations? I have the Hard drive and my ram and all piucked out..
Regardless i want DDR Ram.. SDR is crappy and RDram is too much.. I will contiune to use my SCSI adapter.. i might buy a new hdd.. Since 2 4gb ones don't hold much.. And i'll need a new case.. and a new PSU.
For starters get an Antec case w/ powersupply.
I won't try to talk you into getting either Intel or AMD. You decide, they both have good points.
For AMD the MSI KT3 Ultra2 is a good board. If you want the newest and best the KT400 is out now too. Gigabyte makes a nice one.
For intel I am about to buy a asus P4PE for $130 motherboard with a 2.4 P4 for a friend.
Mushkin just came out with 2700 DDR that will run at Cas 2.
That is what I will use.
I have a Gigabyte board for my 2.53. It works very well and I am happy, it is just not the newest thing out.
If you do get a HDD take a look at the WD "special" 7200RPM. it has 8MB cache and still has the 3yr warranty. For a non-server it will be faster than a SCSCI drive. The hdd drive is one of the biggest bottlenecks in a system.
You didn't ask about a video card? do you already have one?
I like the MSI GF4 4200.
Some good choices / values:

MSI KT3 Ultra2 (AMD)

Try looking to other KT400 solutions as well, if you are looking into AMD.

ASUS P4S533 (Intel)

A good video card for starters is a GeForce4 Ti 4200 64mb, as chopper noted above; very cheap now and you get the features you missed in the GeForce4 MX. :p
I know the ultimate board and cpu, I already bought one for myself and my computer never has frozen..
the memory labs motherboard combo is a best buy
the best thing about the board is that it supports the full line of XP processors :eek:

for $159 you get a full sized motherboard with a 1 years warrenty and a AMD XP2100 with a 3 year warrenty/
add another S12.95 for shipping and you have the ultimate base for a computer

you could get the same MOBO and a XP2400 for $236

I think that the XP2100 combo is the way to go!!!:cool:
this processor is supreme for gaming and surfing the web
memory wise it maxs out at 1GB of PC133 or 1GB of DDR266(pc2100),
that 1GB of pc 133 will cost you less than $85 to fill
the DDR on the other hand will be about $310 for 1GB

good luck;)
I agree with all the other recommendations that people have offered. The one thing I will say is that for god's sake dont run IIS. You're asking to get hacked. Switch to Apache.
I posted a thread.. called Sepherum Systems The deatails in there will be what i will have.. But with the Geforce FX
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