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Hi ppl, I wanted to know if it's more worthwhile to assemble a new PC, or to buy a "brand" one, like a DELL, or a HP? Seeing the prices on it's cheaper to assemble one, but I don't know if it will work reliably later...Thanx:D
I say build your self one. Youll save a heap of money and its built to suit your requirements. If you do your research and build one properly it will work just fine and be very reliable.

Building a pc is good for experience, any computer enthusiast should build at least one PC in their life, and as for saving money thatÂ’s not always the case. Buying all the hardware online like at price watch will save you money but where the deals come in is in bundling of software, and tech support (if things go wrong). Building a PC like Chopper stated will be very reliable as long as you do your research.
Building a PC is a great way to do it, as generally with retail built machines (with the exception of the likes of Alienware, Falcon NW and others) don't really give you that 'customized' feeling.

Pricewatch is a great tool to start with, but with buying hardware online, you have to beware that sometimes you bargained for more than you wanted... there comes that time at one point to whoever's been buying hardware online for years.
I have built my last PC m8,not only saves you a lot of money,but you also know whats in and on you r PC! and you can have your own stuff on it,what you want! Not like a new PC thats comes with mostly crap! :)
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