Build my first computer, need some people to look it over.

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im building my first computer, more less geared towards gaming, but i have a few questions and the list so far goes as such:

**Case, MOBO, PSU and RAM are in a combo deal**

Case- Rosewill Destroyer
RAW- G.Skills Ripjaw 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1600
Power supply unit- Antec Earthwatts EA650 650watts

**CPU and Videocard are in a combo deal**

CPU- AMD Phenom II x2 3.2GHz Dual-Core
Video Card- EVGA GeForce 9500GT

Hard drive- Western Digital Cavier blue 500GB SATA 3.5''
I guess my first question is, How do I know if all this stuff will work with each other? next question would be, How do I know if this stuff is going to all fit in the case i chose? and lastly, Overall how do you think this computer will perform, or what changes would you make?

Im trying to keep this build about this price but i am willing to spend more if i have chose something that isnt too good. Well thats the list so far, keep in mind that this is my first build so please dont lace into me if i screwed something up, but i woukld love some feed back as i would like to get this project started soon :smile:
oops, the MOBO- ASUS P7H55-M Pro is for Intel's i5 processors only, and you have chosen an AMD processor

the video card is not suitable for gaming, it could run games still, but probably at the lowest settings

everything else looks fine
ok thank you that would knot have been a cheap mistake, ive chosen a Intel core i5-650 3.2Ghz, could you recommend me and a good video card with a reasonable price?

or and Intel i3-530 2.93GHz to keep costs down if it is compatible
oh ok thanks, if i go with the package deal or the case, ram sticks and mobo, im kind of limited to Intel cpu's as Fat.Clown said, im mainly just focused on finding a decent gfx card for around 150$ thats compatible with my ASUS P7H55-M, ill go over my list again and look at your suggestions
No i havent purchased anything yet, but i want to keep this build below 800.00$ if i can, im willing to ditch the combo packages and buy other stuff if anyone can give me a good build for around that price, like i said though i want more of a gaming rig so i dont know if i can make a decent one for this price, But i will take what you said about AMD into consideration, thanks
scratch the build i posted here, the combos i used expired.

my revised suggestion:

it's still comes a little over your budget though @ $807 w/ shipping on the psu.

however this would be a hugely superior gaming rig compared to the parts you had listed.
Muffin Man, all those parts you sent me look great ill really consider this, i was planning on buying everything at once but ive thought about it and i think ill just buy some now and wait a little bit maybe for a pay check or 2
hey, no problem.

if that price is just too steep for you, you could downgrade the gfx card to a 5770 which would save you maybe around $150.

a 5770 would still be a far better option than the 9500gt you had originally listed.
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