Buffer Overflow alert on startup

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When I start up my laptop, I get an alert that McAfee has stopped a buffer overflow error. I am running Windows Vista Home on my laptop, an HP Pavilion dv6. Along with this, the same time I started getting this notification, I started having issues with internet connectivity. At times I have no issue with loading pages, while at other times, I can't even get some of the most basic pages to load (i.e. Google, Yahoo).

Just wondering if anyone can give me any advice on where to start or what to look for to stop the buffer overflow, which will hopefully resolve the connectivity issues as well.

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Oh, and a little more history/background:

I needed to have a full version of Acrobat installed recently, and I didn't have mine with me (on the road at my brother's place). He said that he would "take care of it." I noticed the buffer overflow alerts after letting him work on my computer. I thought maybe he did something, so I uninstalled the version that he installed and installed my own copy after I returned home, but it didn't take care of my issues.
Are you up to date with SP2 and all other updates to drivers and such? Are all your programs up to date? I would scan with our spyware guide.

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From the sounds of it the whole "take care of it" part was installing an infected and pirated version which has now tried to create havoc on your PC.
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