Budget Gaming ( sub 100$)


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Im building a budget pc for my brother he is in college and would like to stop playing xbox and join the master race for as cheap as possible. I heard the hd 6950 would hold up at 1080p medium at 30fps so I was wondering if it would work with a old pc I have. He doesnt want to play demanding games so I think it would work out thoughts?

Q6600 and Hd 6950. 6gb ddr2 ram


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Q6600 is a fully fledged quad core, albeit an old one. If you ever watched LTT or Tech YES City on Youtube they make a lot of videos about reusing old stuff. a Q6600 is the beating heart of a lot of the 'scrapyard' builds you see on YT, because its a proper quad and they are usually dirt cheap.

6950 would be fine, for the most part. They run pretty hot and are pretty meaty though, so I'd make sure your old PC has a capable PSU (with the necessary PCI-E power cables) and at least one fan to either pull in some cooler air or get rid of the warm air.

I'd also say go for a minimum of 4GB of RAM if you want to play games, some won't even run on 2GB and most will stutter and crash.