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I'm not here much as I am of the carbon paper age and find most of this over-whelming. I hope this is not too basic a question, but here goes.

I have IE on my HP laptop (XP home) and my wife has a desk top with XP
we have a cable modem wired to the desk top and a wireless router
for the laptop's internet. Many have told us that we shouldn't be using IE as a broswer, and some recommended Mozilla. I tried it and found it to a problem. Recently I've been told to use firefox. I don't know why IE is a problem, and if Mozilla didn't work will firefox be better.
I have spy subtract, spybot and adaware on the laptop and desktop.
Any help is much appreciated.


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Reason why everybody hates IE cuz it's Microsoft and IE doesn't have much security to stop spyware and stuff like that. Mozilla Firefox shouldn't be a problem, It just helps keep spyware and other things that could put your PC hurting after awhile Firefox stops that stuff. Well most of it anyway.


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Also IE loads everything at once. Which even on a cable takes a bit. Firefox loads everything as it COMES. Also tab browseing. I don't hate IE because it comes from microsoft. I don't liek it cause firefox has better options.


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Firefox also can be run in safe mode. So you don't have to tweak anything to run safer...
Internet Explorer renders better :p and Internet Explorer is not an afterthought thrown into Windows, it is a hardened War veteren, it did afterall smash down Netscape. Firefox will just be like Mother like Daughter :D Being that they're both pansie girl Browsers.

And of course, I can't vouch for the sort of Porn you lot go on, but I've never get a problematic thing through Internet Explorer, and I don't use a Virus Checker or a Firewall. Use SP2, it will do you fine. Eventually people who like Firefox will have to make up a new way to get users of Internet Explorer over, because working on a ploy that has been outdated since SP2 is a bit old. It is easy to get 10% of a Consumer base as a new-thinking vibrant company, AMD and Firefox show us that, but can they keep it against a more powerful foe and the rest of the market who have the sense to stick by those who have proven themselves :D