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hi i recently purchased an amd xp 2.6ghz processor a gigabyte kt-400 mobo, and a hercules radeon 9000 pro gpu. i also canabalised my old system to get some other bits ie,, 17gb quantum hdd sb 5.1 live!.

The installation of all my new gear wasnt very straight-forward i had some trouble with the processor as i lost the phase colling plastic off the bottom of the heatsink and so had to purchase some more. needless to say it seems to be running ok now except for one major problem....

although it is an amd xp 2.6, a basic benchmark program and direct x diagnostics both report it to be running at 1.3ghz and as a standard AMD athlon processor (not an xp)

this could be due to bios problems, or im worried the processor might be damaged. does anyone have the foggiest as to the possible problem here

and help would be much appreciated thanks!
Make sure yout bios has the bus speed set to 266 rather than 133.
Make sure yout bios has the bus speed set to 266 rather than 133.

Actually, by default, the processor is set to 100 MHz FSB... in order for full speed to be obtained, it must be set to 166 (166*12.5 = 2075 MHz, speed of the 2600+ model with 333 MHz FSB).

You will have to do it in your motherboard's BIOS (usually, when you turn on the machine, the screen will come up for a key to enter the BIOS setup. Press that key, and you go into the CPU configuration area and select the correct processor (in this case, the 2600+). Two variants of the 2600+ exist, however, in this case, it appears you are using the 333 MHz FSB version (12.5*100 = ~1250 MHz and 12.5*166 = ~2080 MHz)
excellent my friend its done i just needed to flick the sw1_switch to auto in order to sort it out

cool. thanks martin, I was too lazy to type all that out.
EDIT: My bad, the multiplier should be 12.5, and speed of the processor should be around 2.08 GHz. Whoops. :eek:
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