broadband speed increase via qos manipulation

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Broadband Speed Increase Via QoS Manipulation
I ran across this tweak and did some research on it after I had tried it and found it didnÂ’t seem to make any difference on my computer. While looking for additional information I came across this article from Microsoft Product Support Services.

Windows XP Quality of Service (QoS) Enhancements and Behavior (Q316666)

It provides substantial information relating to Networking Quality of Service (QoS) which is in essence the basis for this tweak. After reading the article I have decided to leave the tweak here for you to view and try if you wish, but as Microsoft notes from the above article:

“There have been claims in various published technical articles and newsgroup postings that Windows XP always reserves 20 percent of the available bandwidth for QoS. These claims are incorrect. The information in the "Clarification about QoS in End Computers That Are Running Windows XP" section of this article correctly describes the behavior of Windows XP systems.”

I agree with their statement and urge you to read the entire article listed above to determine if this tweak would really be worthwhile implementing.

Additional Suggested Reading:
Quality of Service Technical Overview

For those who wish to implement:
Log on as Administrator, not as a user with Administrator privileges.
[Start] [Run] - Type gpedit.msc
Left Window Pane
[Local Computer Policy]
[Administrative Templates]
[QoS Packet Scheduler]
Right Window Pane
Double click [Limit Reservable Bandwidth]
Check [Enabled]
Change [Bandwidth Limit Percentage] to zero (0)
Click [Apply] [OK]
Restart Windows XP

This tweak removes the 20% bandwidth reserve limit XP imposes under certain circumstances.
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