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Hi there, i'm brand new to this forum..
I'm having major problems with my comp. can anyone help me figure out the problem?
O.k here it is...
... I have a hp pavilion 7950 CPU. we just loaded windows XP on it. ok so...when i turn on the computer it takes about 3 minutes and 25 sec. for the icons to show up. and about another 25 sec. for the computer be ready to use. it loads pretty slow. we have McaFee to help alert us of trojans and all that. we get almost non stop pop-ups. i do disk disfragment at least once a month. Can it be that my hard drive is about to crash? or that my processor is a bit fried??

So can any one help me????
By the way.. if this doesn't sound like a 15 year old or higher is because i'm not. i'm only twelve and needs major help. :D

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Welcome to Tech-Forums, u8mypaygoo!

You may want to edit this post for just an introduction, and then make another post in the appropriate forum for your computer problems. It will probably get more answers that way.

Also, in your question post you'll need to provide as much information about your computer as possible. It may be that XP is using more resources than your computer has. Good luck!

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Welcome to TF!

Sounds like you have a lot of Spyware, get Ad-aware or Spybot from (both are free). After you install them check for updates then run them. If problem persists, try start|run|msconfig, once there go to start up tab and disable everything that is not related to windows and your peripherals.
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