bottleneck... again...

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My system is slowing down once again... before i could pull off 15,000+ 3Dmarks in 3dmark 2001 SE. Today i benched it again getting only 7900 3dmarks...

I updated many of my drivers and tested again, same results. What can the problem be? BTW, my card clock speeds are back at stock...
its a 9700pro... i dont really need to OC. BTW i have a 2.66 P4 running at 3.43Ghz... im fine hardware wise. I have the newest driver, and i just scanned for viruses. There is some sort of system idle process running... could this be the reason?
forget it... the problem was a corrupted driver i downloaded from I downloaded it again and i installed it... i came out happy with 14,998 3dmarks... thanks for your help....
Is there a 3dmarks for XP,, the version I have only runs on Win98?

I would like to do some checking too , on my new machine,, Not too happy with its performance,,

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