Both crysis games messed up

First off is Crysis warhead on Steam
i click on it and i get this error message
I'm going to try a reinstall of the game and see if it fixes it...

okay the second is crysis i just reinstalled it to see if it would fix the problem but it didn't if i go to load game i click on a save spot and click load game and it doesn't do anything if i go to new game it plays the first movie then goes to a black screen and chills their...if i get it passed that then after i fall into the water the game crashes...

anyone know whats up with that? this is on a fresh install of vista....

thanks for the help

i changed my email on steam does that change anything? probably not...


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Your first problem (Crysis Warhead) is EA's DRM. You are only allowed to reinstall in 3 times. If you have a genuine copy, you just have to contact EA and they will sort it out for you.

For your second problem, I expect it's a driver issue. What drivers do you have installed?
And if your card is overclocked, turn it back to stock.


3 times reinstall is BS. I boycott any EA game and make sure you all dot eh same spore killed my last xp install, so I had to use my vista x64 license I had from my mom since she accidentally bought two copies instead of one xp and one vista copy..... not cool.
i dont even reinstall the game my steam folder is on my second hard drive but ive reinstalled my os its a genuine copy i bought it from steam when it came out
i bought both crysis games from steam,

ive contaced EA about this,
my card isnt overclocked its stock speeds i have the beta video card drivers im going to uninstall them with the most recent version


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so wait wait wait, you can only reinstall crysis on your pc 3 times ? even if you have the cd that you bought at the store ?