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Having installed xp pro after an upgrade to my computer i find i can only boot from cd, what have i done wrong have i connected a cable wrong or do i have to go into bios to change anything or have i installed wrongly even though windows actully runs after boot up.any help would be welcome as its a pain having to put my disk in first before boot up
If you try to boot from the hard disk what is the error message you get?
You'll need to go into the BIOS first to change your boot sequence, since you probably changed the option to the CD-ROM drive as the first device to boot from, in order to boot from the WinXP CD to install; check your motherboard's manual for more detail on changing it.
tried changing the bootup in bios to hard drive and not put disk in drive and the message i get is not system disk reboot from disk
Okay a little more

But you are saying that when you boot up with the XP CD you are able to access your harddrive and windows works and all?
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