Bootable cd with nero 8


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Gday guys, i was just looking for some help to make a bootable XP cd with nero 8.

"Launch Nero Burning ROM and create a new bootable CD compilation. When the compilation properties window comes up, select the Boot tab.

Click the “Image file” radio button and Browse for the image1.bin file which BBIE extracted. Then under Advanced, tick “Enable expert settings”. Change “Kind of emulation” to “No emulation. Make sure that “Load segment of sectors” is set to “07C0” and change “Number of loaded sectors” to 4."

Thats what i have to do but i cant find the damn boot tab? where the boot tab is on the screenshots i was looking at is a multi session tab?

Any help would be good, cheers.


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just right click the iso or img. ur trying to burn and hit open with nero burning rom, and then just click burn :) had the same issue..haha


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Usually there's a .cue file with a .bin. If you go in to Nero, go to Recorder and then Burn Image, select the .cue file and it should write to the disc. It should then be bootable anyway. Personally, I prefer InfraRecorder for that kind of thing due to its simplicity, but it should work just the same in Nero. :)