Boot problems.

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Today, I noticed my computer was having some random crashes during regular and non-intensive tasks, so I figured it was overheating and needed its usual dusting out.

I utilized a small paint brush after grounding myself, and carefully went over the fan-blades as I usually have. I then put the case back together, took the PC back to the room it was in, plugged it in - and lo & behold, it will not power on at all.

Regretfully, I can't even turn it on to run my favorite CPU-z and give the computer specifics to you.

Off-hand: It's an Intel Quad-Core at about 2.93 GHz, 4GB of DDR2 Ram, an NVidia 9800 GT 1GB graphic card, has a 550 Watt power-supply (hasn't been an issue, so I don't think a faulty PSU is the problem - though who knows).

I've gone over and made sure everything inside is nice and tightly plugged in/secure to no avail. I apologize I'm not able to give more specific information, barely able to post this from a cousin's Nintendo Wii, haha.

Any advice or possibilities you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
Did you plug it in? :lol:

Be sure all connections are on and tight, as 24pin, 4pin to cpu, any gfx cards power connection.
make sure the power switch pin is connected to the right part of the motherboard. and check your connections...
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