blurry monitor? graphics card?

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Tonight, my monitor has been getting blurry, it kind of gets blurry and then gets sharper and blurry then sharper... .etc. What would be causing this? My computer is literally unuseable like this. One other thing i noticed: I have a pny geforce4 ti4600 graphics card in my computer but my device manager tells me its a ti4800??? I have tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling the driver on the cd that came with the card but it does not work. Any ideas on what is causeing this and how i can fix it?

Most likely the monitor alright - try checking all pin connections to the monitor first - or it may also be related the age as well.
driver version 41.09 from nvidia's web site.

the monitor/computer is less then a week old.

I dont have another graphics card but i do have a couple monitors and i'll try them today.

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